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Written by Empowered Readers Literacy Project Founder Selah Thompson! There is a mysterious illness called the Glitter Spot Dots rapidly spreading through the Arrrgh Mighty Kingdom. When you catch it you laugh so hard that you start to wheeze and laugh so much that it's hard to breath. Penelope the Pirate Princess and her crew must stop it's spread in this informative & fun CoVid19 inspired adventure!


Young readers will love diving into this book and joining the Pirate Princess as she and her friends race to stop the spread of the mysterious Glitter Spot Dots.


From the mind of child authors Selah & Syrai Thompson comes Penelope the Pirate Princess: A Very Bad Case of the Glitter Spot Dots, the second book in an amazing new series of children’s books!Parents will love that this book teaches kids amazing facts while also taking them on a magical adventure full of imagination and fun.


By reading this book, your kids will:

  • Learn about diseases and how they spread.
  • Learn about empathy and how to unite with foes to work towards a greater good.
  • Solve puzzles enabling children’s problem-solving skills and creative-thinking skills.
  • Overcome obstacles through the various adventures.
  • Learn the importance of friendships with people from diverse backgrounds.


This story, told from a child’s perspective, will propel your kids into a world of wonder and learning. So, join Penelope and her friends on this swashbuckling educational adventure as they set out to save the Arrrgh Mighty Kingdom!


Ships on or before December 19, 2020.

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