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The Empowered Readers Literacy Project is a non-profit dreamed up by a 5-year-old little girl who set out to tackle illiteracy by helping families build strong reading rituals and by getting kids excited about reading.  


We take a holistic, emergent approach to literacy.  We believe that literacy is more than a set of skills that enable a child or adult to memorize words and sound out phonics.  We believe that literacy is not something that is simply taught, and it does not start when a child begins schools. Literacy is a complex process that starts at birth and requires family and community connection.


We are helping kids and families change the focus of reading by engaging them in imaginative Adventures and tapping into their creativity. We believe that books with diverse, engaging content shared in connection with real human interaction will get kids excited about reading on their own and with their families.

We Believe that Reading & Books are the keys that unlock the door to a World of Potential

Meet The Squad

Our Mission

Nicole Thompson

Executive Director

I am a Justice Seeker, Doer of Good and a Lover of Life.

Selah Thompson

Queen of Ideas/Adventure Squad Captain

Every Kid Deserves to Read.

Khalil Thompson

Creative Guy

I Enable the Visions & Dreams of my Daughters.

Our Mission

To help Families build strong reading rituals and get kids excited about books.

Our Vision

The Empowered Readers Literacy Project seeks to eradicate the epidemic of illiteracy among children and their families by transforming the task of reading from a chore to a fun and engaging Adventure Time experience.

We Need Your Support Today!

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