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Books written by Empowered Readers Literacy Project Founder Selah Thompson & her Daddy!

  • Penelope the Pirate Princess: A Very Bad Case of the Glitter Spot Dots!
  • Penelope the Pirate Princess: The Search for the Magical Moon Pearl


A Very Bad Case of the Glitter Spot Dots

There is a mysterious illness called the Glitter Spot Dots rapidly spreading through the Arrrgh Mighty Kingdom. When you catch it you laugh so hard that you start to wheeze and laugh so much that it's hard to breath. Penelope the Pirate Princess and her crew must stop it's spread in this informative & fun Covid-19 inspired adventure!


The Search for the Magical Moon Pearl

Join Penelope and her diverse crew of comrades as they race to recover the Magical Moon Pearl while protecting the Arrrgh Mighty Kingdom and its treasures from the dastardly Madam Boujetto!


This story takes kids on a wild adventure full of imagination, learning, and fun!

Along the way your Young Reader will learn about:

  • Stars
  • Constallations
  • Planets
  • Celestial Events
  • Celestial Objects


all while on an emotional journey, solving problems, overcoming obstacles and growing together as friends.

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